Secure command secure WordOps backend auth, ip and port


wo secure [options]


argument description
--auth Set backend user credentials (user and)
--port Set backend port (default: 22222)
--ip Set the list of IP(s) allowed to access without authentification

WordOps uses Basic Auth to protect the backend from unauthorize people. To change the authorization method, backend's port,... You can use wo secure command.

Change backend credential

The user name and password of WordOps backend is showed when you create a first site. If you don't remember and want to reset, please use below command.

wo secure --auth
Provide HTTP authentication user name [admin]:master
Provide HTTP authentication password [5zVFELjHjShPPFr7qkoMzavP]:

Short hand:

wo secure --auth YourUsername aSecurePassword

Change backend port

In case you want to change WordOps backend port from 22222, use this command:

wo secure --port
WordOps admin port [22222]:23456
Reload: nginx     [OK]
Successfully port changed 23456

Change whitelist IPs

By default, WordOps only allow IP to connect to their backend. To allow your IP (ex., use below command:

wo secure --ip
Enter the comma separated IP addresses to white list []:
Successfully added IP address in acl.conf file

You can also edit directly the file /etc/nginx/common/acl.conf