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Manage server stack operations


wo stack (command) [options]
subcommand description
install Install WordOps stacks
upgrade Upgrade WordOps stack
migrate Upgrade MariaDB stack
remove Uninstall packages
purge Uninstall & purge packages
reload Reload WordOps stack
restart Restart WordOps stack
stop Stop WordOps stack
start Start WordOps stack


Options are the same for wo stack install, wo stack remove and wo stack purge

Stack available are:

options type description
--web Group Nginx, PHP, MySQL, WP-CLI
--admin Group phpMyAdmin, Adminer, Dashboard, Netdata, MySQLTuner ...
--utils Group OpcacheGUI, Webgrind, Anemometer
--nginx APT package nginx stack
--php APT package PHP7.2-FPM stack
--php73 APT package PHP7.3-FPM stack
--php74 APT package PHP7.4-FPM stack
--mysql APT package MariaDB stack
--redis APT package Redis stack
--wpcli Binary WP-CLI : WordPress CLI
--phpmyadmin Web App phpMyAdmin : Web interface for MySQL
--composer Binary Composer : PHP dependencies manager
--netdata Binary Netdata : Real-time monitoring suite
--dashboard Web App WordOps dashboard
--extplorer Web App eXtplorer Filemanager
--adminer Web App adminer (phpmyadmin alternative)
--fail2ban APT package Fail2ban : Bruteforce protection
--phpredisadmin Web App phpredisadmin : Web interface for Redis
--proftpd APT package proftpd stack : FTP server
--mysqltuner Binary MySQLTuner stack : MySQL tuning tool
--ufw APT package UFW : Firewall
--sendmail APT package Sendmail MTA
--ngxblocker Binary Ultimate Nginx bad bots blocker
--nanorc Binary Nano editor syntax highlighting

Packages types

  • APT package are debian packages installed from APT repositories
  • Binaries are simple executables
  • Web App are php based applications

stack install


wo stack install [options]

Without options, the stack --web, --admin, --utils will be installed

wo stack install

This will install the --web stack and --admin stack.

Nginx, PHP 7.4, MariaDB, Netdata, Fail2Ban, WordOps dashboard, phpMyAdmin, Adminer, MySQLtuner, OpcacheGUI


wo stack install --web

This will install Nginx, PHP 7.4, MariaDB

Admin tools

WordOps backend with WordOps-Dashboard, PHPmyAdmin, Adminer, OpcacheGUI etc..

wo stack install --admin

After installing the Admin stack, WordOps dashboard will be available on https://YOUR.SERVER.IP:22222 with the credentials displayed during the stack installation.

stack upgrade

Upgrade stack safely and apply new configurations and optimizations


wo stack upgrade [options]
options description
--all Upgrade all stack
--web Upgrade web stack
--admin Upgrade admin tools stack
--nginx Upgrade Nginx stack
--php Upgrade PHP 7.2 stack
--php73 Upgrade PHP 7.3 stack
--php74 Upgrade PHP 7.4 stack
--mysql Upgrade MySQL stack
--wpcli Upgrade WPCLI
--redis Upgrade Redis
--netdata Upgrade Netdata
--dashboard Upgrade WordOps Dashboard
--composer Upgrade Composer
--phpmyadmin Upgrade phpMyAdmin
--adminer Upgrade Adminer
--no-prompt Upgrade Packages without any prompt
--force Force Packages upgrade without any prompt

wo stack upgrade make sure packages repositories are properly added, then it upgrade packages and for main stacks (Nginx, PHP-FPM & MySQL, Redis), it also update configurations from the templates included in the current WordOps release and apply optimizations (especially for MySQL & Redis)

Currently wo stack upgrade --mysql will only update the package from the current MariaDB repository, but will not perform upgrades between major releases (10.1 -> 10.3). For upgrade MariaDB, use wo stack migrate --mariadb.

stack migrate

Upgrade MariaDB to the latest stable release (10.5)

Usage :

wo stack migrate --mariadb [options]

Options : --force : perform MariaDB upgrade without prompting for confirmation

stack remove

Remove stacks (without removing configurations or data for APT packages)


wo stack remove <stack> [options]
options description
--all Remove all stacks at once
--force Force install/remove/purge without prompt

For APT packages, wo stack remove will just uninstall package without deleting their configurations or data. For binaries or web app, it will do the same than wo stack purge

stack purge

Remove and purge stacks (including configurations and data)


Please be careful when using wo stack purge because it will remove APT packages but also purge all configurations or data, including MySQL databases, Redis databases or Nginx vhosts.


wo stack purge <stack> [options]
options description
--all Remove all stacks at once
--force Force install/remove/purge without prompt

stack restart

Restart Stack service


wo stack restart [options]

stack reload

Reload Stack service


wo stack reload [options]

stack start

Start Stack service


wo stack start [options]

stack stop

Stop Stack service


wo stack stop [options]

stack status

Display Stack service status


wo stack status [options]