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Bug reporting guidelines

You are facing an issue with WordOps ? Please ask you the following questions before opening an issue on Github or creating a post on the forum :

  • Are you using the latest release of WordOps ? -> if not, update WordOps first and try again to see if your issue still exist.
  • Is it a known issue ? -> use the search feature in the documentation, check the page common issues, and take a look in the forum posts and in Github issues to check if it's a known issue
  • Have you checked the logs ? -> always check the content of /var/log/wo/wordops.log to check what is exactly the task which failed
  • Is the issue directly related to WordOps ? -> for questions or support, please use the community forum.

Then, if the issue still exist and if there is no solution or workaround available, feel free to open an issue on Github