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How to add FTP users

WordOps ProFTPd stack provide the ability to install and configure automatically ProFTPd and to secure it with a self-signed certificates (same encryption level than any other valid certificate). You can install it with :

wo stack install --proftpd

But WordOps do not provide an easy way to add FTP users yet. So this short guide will explain how to add a new FTP user.


This guide explain how to add new users safely, which means :

  • users will not be able to login via SSH or any shell
  • users will only have access to a single site files

Adding a new user

In this example we will add a new user named wordops, and he will only be able to access to all files of the site :

adduser --home /var/www/ \
--shell /bin/false --ingroup www-data wordops

There is another step to allow our new user to upload/edit files :

chmod -R g+rw /var/www/