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Get a list of WordOps commands

To get the list of WordOps commands, you can use the command:


Then for any subcommand, you just have to add the arugment -h or --help to display command informations with examples.

wo site --help

Get the MySQL root password

MySQL root password is stored in the file /etc/mysql/conf.d/my.cnf

Display MySQL user and password of a site

You can use the command:

wo site info site.tld

Access WordOps backend

WordOps backend is available on port 22222, you can access it with the server IP, hostname or with a domain pointed to the server IP:

# with server IP

# with server hostname

# with a domain hosted on the server

Change WordOps backend username and password

You can use the command:

wo secure --auth

Renew a Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates with WordOps

Previously with EasyEngine v3, Let's Encrypt certificates were renewed by running the command ee site update --le=renew --all with a cronjob.

You may have noticed the command site update --le=renew still exist in WordOps, but you shouln't need it because WordOps use the awesome acme client to issue and handle Let's Encrypt SSL certificates. All certificates are automatically renewed every 60 days by using a cronjob.

However, if you really need to renew your certificates, you can directly use to renew all certificates with the following command: --renew-all --ecc